Emotional Intelligence: What's The Big Deal?

Emotional Intelligence: What's The Big Deal?

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, has become a buzzword across industries. But what really is it? Is it worth our time? Is it worth our attention?

If emotional intelligence is a new concept to you, then take a peek at  ‘Example of Emotional Intelligence’. Through the wisdom and humour of The American Office, you will quickly see what is bad emotional intelligence and what is good emotional intelligence. Plus Steve Carell is great, so you may wish to watch it anyway, even if you’re an EQ guru.

Hot or Not? Feedback is Critical to Improving Performance

Hot or Not? Feedback is Critical to Improving Performance

Ever play the "Hot or Cold" game as a child? "You're cold! You're getting warmer! Now you're Hot!" Even children know that good feedback improves results. It’s important to be told how we're doing. Without knowing if we were hot or cold, those games would have gone on for ever. Without feedback, you could be getting further and further from your goal to and never know it until you fail, any achievements would be down to pure luck.  

Delegate Away

Be honest, this isn’t the first time someone’s told you to delegate is it? It’s understandable, you’ve got a lot to do, and you got where you are because you’re the best at doing it; so you should just put your head down and do it, right?

Building Time

Making time for things is hard. We have so many equally important problems: passions, deadlines and dreams to attend to; how do we fit it all in? In what order of importance? Work is important. Family’s important. Relaxation is important. In light of this competitive importance, finding time to: Listen to music; look after your loved ones; meet your deadlines; read challenging books; exercise regularly; spend time with friends; schedule regular reflection time; read up on your idols; plan your week; get ahead of your emails; inspire your colleagues; did I mention exercise? Practice your passion; decide on your dreams and every now and then have a second just to do nothing and relax… seems impossible. Honestly even writing that list was stressful.

How To Deal With Change

Change, in some form, is unavoidable in our lives. Some of us crave change, and actively seek out ways to disrupt our routines. Others shy away from it, feel comforted by routine, and take pleasure in knowing what is going to happen, when, and how. Change that we control, generally, is exhilarating and a positive way to keep us stimulated in our daily lives, be it a new job, a new address, a new haircut, or even just eating at a new restaurant.


No, I mean right now, focus, on this, what you’re doing, or not on this, what you’re supposed to be doing, not on Facebook or Twitter or the News update or the text you’ve just got, or the guy working opposite, or the weird smell in the office. Focus. Staying focused is hard. Harder than ever with all the distractions available to us to tear us away from our jobs and our thoughts; so this week our article is about how to maintain focus at work.

What’s Your Drink? Half Full, Or Half Empty?

Whilst researching ‘positivity’, I came across a lot of material debating whether positivity is the answer. In fact it was a discussion on Woman’s Hour this week (fast forward to 19 minutes). Jane Garvey herself admits that she gets ‘through life on a tidal wave of low expectations’. Indeed there seems to be some evidence that backs this attitude, however, confusingly, there’s also a lot to be said for an optimistic apporach.