110% Users Are

5x more likely to stay in their company
2x as likely to be promoted
3x more self aware
2x more productive

Company Impact
Productivity, EQ, Focus, Contribution to Company and Inspiration at Work.
23% increase over each project

Personal Impact
Proactive, Self Reflection, Self Confidence and Clarity of Personal Aims.
84% over each project


Motivated people drive success

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had an objective view of my professional and personal life. I feel much more engaged in my job.”


Challenging Your Leaders

“You have an exciting time ahead. You are about to embark on a journey of self discovery, learning more about who you are, what type of leader you are and what people think of you.

Whilst initially I thought it was yet another thing to add to my workload, I have had many light bulb moments along the way. The support and help has given me clarity and challenged me when I needed to be challenged. Showing my vulnerability was not easy, but I am grateful, as I am sure you will be for the investment and the value that has been placed in me."

Christopher Crang - WorldPay




We drive results

Our users:

Work better in their teams thanks to an increasing level of self-awareness

Reflect on their work and their strengths and act on insight

Understand and develop their own personal brand

Have better conversations with their managers

Take control of their workload and careers

Are more focused within their jobs

Step up as leaders

Get promoted