Disrupting Solutions

We disrupt how people are developed in the workplace. Our service is a super-powered solution of digital coaching, therapeutic techniques, and data insights, as we believe you can’t effectively change in a professional capacity without analyzing and knowing yourself too.

We call our coaches ‘personal accelerators’. We combine their individual support with our technology to help people understand themselves through their data and take charge of their own acceleration.

110% believes the more you know about yourself, the more in control you feel. So we are committed to helping workforces understand themselves, so they can take control of their own development.

Companies constantly use data to make more informed decisions, it’s time their people can too.

We have a workforce that covers Ireland London, and Canada. So not only are we committed to supporting our clients globally, but we are experts in making remote digital communities thrive.


Kendal Parmar

Co-founder and Client Lead

Kendal is on a mission to change the culture in the workplace. As a business psychologist and creator of the methodology that underpins The Sunday Times List of 100 Best Companies To Work For, she is passionate about employees taking more control of their own careers; driving themselves in the workplace and of achieving their ambitions.



Brendan O'Hara

Co-founder and Technical Lead
Brendan O’Hara is our technical architect. Having worked many years for top tier investment banks, he is well in tune with high volume systems that need to be secure. His clear and practical thinking keeps our organisation on track.

Steven Ebbers

Chief Operations Officer,

Product Acceleration

Steven, our Dutch master of psychology, has a passion for entrepreneurship and is a tactician to his core.

Jake O'Gorman

Head of Project Delivery,

Community Acceleration

Jake, the mind and memory master, makes sure everything at 110% actually happens, and happens on time.

Georgia Waters

Head of Communications,

Brand Acceleration

Georgia, our in-house actor and model, innovates the way we spread our message, and manages our internal communications.

Joe Caplin

Head of Inspirational Content,

Brand and Product Acceleration

Joe, our very own poet and musician, heads up our Inspirational Content, and innovates new ways to deliver our services


Real people, technology driven

We're a pioneering tech start-up passionate about supporting people to feel more empowered in their jobs and in control of their careers.

Experts in business psychology and digital technology, we've created a unique service that connects experienced mentors with people at work via chat and video through our Support in your pocket mobile app. 

By empowering individuals, we help teams work better together. 
By enabling more focused conversations, we create happier and more productive workplaces. 

And we practise what we preach. By creating a flexible workforce for our own business, we can inspire others to do the same with theirs. 

Contact us to find out how we can help your business make changes that stick.